The SA Seniors Fitness Association (SASFA)

SASFA is open to anyone over the age of 50, if you are looking for fun and friendship.


The South African Seniors Fitness Association (SASFA) started in 1990 as a non-profit organisation. The aim and purpose is to reach as many seniors throughout the country as possible, to advocate why regular and appropriate senior related exercise is extremely valuable and vital in creating a better quality of life.

Members and instructors pay an annual membership fee at the beginning of each year. All monies received from membership, sponsorship, donations, fund raising etc, is used to run SASFA and any unused or extra profits get ploughed back into the Association for future use.

The Management Committee meets every second month, seeing to the needs and running of SASFA. There are eight members on the committee: Iona Henning (Chairperson and National Trainer), Dot Tyldesley (Vice-chair), Rosemary Swemmer (Treasurer), Helga Calitz (Gauteng Regional Rep), Carol Alty, Edwina Fillies, Sally McKinley and Pat Wright.

SASFA instructors

Instructors are required to take their SASFA exam to become qualified and receive their SASFA Instructors certificate. Instructors are obligated to attend the yearly national course when the new programme is presented.

How does it work?

By presenting exercise and recreational programmes in a relaxed environment, members are able to release tensions, stresses and anxieties that may be troubling them. Physical exercise plays an important part in maintaining the health of the body. Just as important is social well-being.​

A senior’s fitness exercise programme comprises, flexibility, balance, poise, co-ordination, stamina, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises are set to enjoyable and stimulating music. Our senior instructors are all fully trained and must hold a national certificate.

Fun, friends and exercise

SASFA is a very successful organisation that we are all proud of and privileged to belong to. It’s important for body, mind and soul to keep active in our senior years. Often people say, ‘what would I do without SASFA’.  Well when you join a club it becomes a very special group, making new friends, bonding together, and soon this becomes a part of your life.

Should you be interested in finding out more about joining SASFA, either to take part in an exercise programme or to be trained as an instructor, visit