Testing of side effects reporting tool

As part of a research study, a testing of side effects reporting tool to report side effects has been developed. Before this tool can be accepted by the Department of Health, it needs to be tested. So, if you are taking any medication, please use this tool to report any side effects.

Are you taking/have you recently taken any medication (including herbal or supplements) for any condition? Did you experience any unwanted side effects after taking the medicine?

  • side effect is any unintended negative effect that you experience after taking a medication. For example; if you take paracetamol for headache and then experience nausea or dizziness.
  • A safe medicine does not imply absence of risk or harm (side effects). A safe medicine is one in which the nature, severity and frequency of side effects (risk/harm) are outweighed by the benefits.
  • All medicines are approved and registered by the Dept. of Health (DoH), using information collected during clinical trial research. After the medicine is registered, DoH continues monitoring the safety of medicine. Therefore, they need all people taking medicine to continue reporting information on any side effects experienced after taking the medicine.
  • As part of a study research, a student has developed a tool to report side effects directly to DoH. Before this tool can be accepted by DoH, it needs to be tested. We therefore request you to start reporting any side effects using this tool. All information provided will be kept confidential and transferred to DoH after completion of the study. This study has been approved by the Stellenbosch Human Research Ethics Committee.
  • To report side effect you may have experienced, go to the website and follow the instructions – apps.infoverge.co.za/adrtest
  • Additional information and guidance on how to report the side effects can be found on the website under General Information.

PhD Research Advert_Development of Consumer ADRReporting Tool_Version 3.5 dated 31 January 2020