Jogging safety tips

Jogging provides the perfect opportunity to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors, however, it is important for runners to keep road safety top of mind while heading out on foot. Imperial Road Safety share five jogging safety tips.

Road safety should not only be a priority for motorists; it is of even more importance for runners, who are exposed to all kind of risks – one of which are unaware and/or reckless drivers. So, before you head out for your next jog, here are jogging safety tips to keep top of mind.

Leave a message

Before you head out for your jog, make sure that there is always someone who knows where you are going. We live in a digitally connected world that has made it easy to inform someone of your whereabouts. Let your family, friends or even your next-door neighbour know you have stepped out for a jog, and give them details on your planned route.

Run on the same side as oncoming traffic

While out on the road, run facing the oncoming traffic; this assists motorists, approaching your direction, in being able to see you better. Also, if anything happens in front of you, you can react quicker and possibly avoid accidents as opposed to having your back against traffic.

Wear visible clothes

The importance of being highly visible while running cannot be stressed enough. Always ensure that you wear high-visibility, brightly coloured clothing, irrespective of what time of day you are taking a jog.

For those who prefer jogging in the evenings, invest in a headlamp or handheld jogging torch so you can see where you’re going. The other road users will see you, and more importantly, avoid knocking you over.

Obey the rules of the road

While jogging, it’s often easy to forget the normal rules of the road. Therefore, it is important to be more alert while on the road. Obey the rules of the road. Remember motorists have the right of way in South Africa, unless you are running in an estate or complex that has a specific running track. More importantly, don’t forget to look right, look left, and right again before running across a road.   

Avoid wearing earphones

Most joggers prefer to play their favourite tunes to keep them motivated. However, this can have dangerous consequences. How are you able to hear anything around you, including approaching vehicles and hooters, if you have music playing full blast in your ears?

If you can’t do without your headphones, lower the volume instead. Keep it at a level that still allows you to hear what is going on around you. Another consideration is to only wear your earphones in one ear, leaving the other ear free of sound and able to identify any alerts.

jogging safety tips

The IMPERIAL Road Safety programme aims to create a sustainable and viable way of changing the perceptions and behaviours of road users, to encourage responsible road usage in South Africa from grass root level upwards.