Dairy and dairy alternatives

Milk contains a carbohydrate sugar, called lactose, and all carbohydrates will break down into glucose in the bloodstream (and rise blood glucose). This means that milk is not a sugar-free food and therefore should be considered in your daily carbohydrate allowance. However, it’s nutritious in that it has beneficial vitamins and minerals (specifically vitamin D and calcium) that promote health. Because of these health benefits, dairy should be included in your daily diet.

Research has found that milk has a reduced glycaemic effect when compared to other foods with the same amount of carbs. This is most likely because of the good amount of protein that is in milk.

Soya- and rice milk often have very high amounts of sugar, so beware of this when using these as a dairy alternative. The unsweetened version of nut milks, like almond- and coconut milk, although low in carbs, aren’t always fortified with the beneficial minerals and vitamins that are found in cow’s milk.


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