Make Froggie your choice of shoes this Spring

So many of us experience foot health issues; could it be, that we are not meant to wear shoes, such as high heels or shoes with pointed toes, that do not accommodate the natural structure of our feet? 

Sarah Gedye, Froggie Brand Manager

Sarah Gedye, Froggie Brand Manager, founder and absolute shoe fundi tells us more.

At Froggie, we have always considered how to make great-looking footwear comfortable. Recently, we focused on what we could do to make shoes for customers with exceptional needs. Specifically, a customer needing a shoe that can accommodate an insert; a common requirement for people living with diabetes and associated footwear implications.

To offer that extra bit of comfort, the team developed a footwear solution that provides extra cushioning underfoot with a fully removable padded footbed. The result: a shoe range with custom comfort that still looks fabulous.

For your choice of wear this season


Three styles: a closed back, two-strap sandal slingback sandal and three-strap slip-on.

  • The closed back sandal holds onto the foot securely at the back for increased stability while still providing airy, cool all-day wear.
  • The two-strap sandal, with velcro straps, is totally adjustable to the width of your feet and comes with extender straps should you require a little more length.
  • The three-strap is a comfy slip-on style with adjustable velcro straps, perfect for the South African heat and associated foot swelling.
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Sneakers, loafers and boots

Comfort and ease are key, especially for women on the go. Froggie sneakers, loafers and boots sport a classic leather look while the added padded footbed (removable) offers unparalleled comfort and convenience.

  • Classic leather Froggie sneakers with a refresh. These are elasticated and super easy to slip-on. Wear them with skinny jeans, summer shorts or even sweats.
  • Slip-on sneakers are chic and incredibly comfy. Wear them with skinny jeans, flares or pair them with shorts and skirts.
  • Mid-calf boots are a Froggie fav! This slightly boxy style, sits out from your leg, giving your calves a bit of breathing room. The gentle gathering on the leg gives this must-have genuine leather mild-weather staple, a stylishly slouchy yet feminine look.

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Our latest – Neo Sole Wedges

Aptly named “Neo” because this new style of wedge gives you that extra lift, yet also the stable comfort you look for in a wedge. This unique design was developed to include the Froggie comfort features, as well as echo the latest fashion trends from work to weekend-wear.

  • The Pump: New look with classic shape offering a lift with comfy stability. (Back Wedge Height: 6cm)
  • Are sporty trends your thing? This sneaker wedge with a cute lace-up is a winner: game-set-match!
  • This Slipper Cut Wedge offers a little more coverage and holds beautifully onto your foot while walking, or even running – if you’re in a rush.

We won’t deny, there was a lot of back and forth at the development stage plus the odd roadblock but, what we’ve found with anything challenging, when you’re backed by a passionate, cohesive team – nothing is impossible.


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