It’s time to get logging

Diabetes data at your fingertips doesn’t just provide ease of access, it can also lead to therapy optimisation and better diabetes management. Find out more about what logging can do for you.

You’ve probably thought about keeping a diabetes logbook before, right? While it may feel like a chore you don’t have time for, keeping track of your blood glucose numbers is one of the many simple solutions that can improve your diabetes management.

Diabetes and data

Diabetes and data go hand in hand. Without proper data, it’s hard to know what to change or where to focus. To optimise your therapy, your doctor needs as much information as possible. While your HbA1c gives a good general indication, it could be deceptive and often doesn’t provide enough information.

You can also benefit from logging your data. Regular logging will help you gain a better understanding of your diabetes. If you note down additional therapy-related information (food intake, physical activity, insulin dosage), correlations with your blood glucose become much clearer and easier to understand. This will allow you to identify patterns quickly and make the necessary changes.

Finding the right diabetes logbook tool

Finding the right tool(s) is critical. Paper logbooks can be frustrating for a few reasons:

  • There isn’t enough space to include everything you want to.
  • You forget to take it with you (especially when you go to the doctor).
  • You might lose it.
  • Your writing may not be readable.
  • Looking at a page of numbers makes it very difficult to identify any trends or patterns.

Automatic logging

With mySugr all of that is changed. Connect your Accu-Chek Instant Bluetooth-enabled Blood Glucose Meter to the mySugr app, and all of your blood glucose data is transferred automatically. Patterns are super easy to spot, and the information is immediately useful. You can even share your information with your doctor via a PDF report. Plus, you can add additional information that is relevant, such as exercise type and time, medication use, and your food intake.

Get started, get logging

The benefits of logging are compelling, and thanks to connected devices and apps such as mySugr, it’s becoming simpler and easier.  It’s time to get connected and get started.

How to connect

Connecting your Accu-Chek Instant with mySugr is a snap. First things first, have your smartphone and your Accu-Chek meter handy. (Some users find it easier to have the PIN from the back of their Accu-Chek Instant written down ahead of time for easier visibility before starting the pairing process).

  1. Download mySugr from the App Store or Google Play Store and create your mySugr account.
  2. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and select Connections from the menu.
  3. Select your Accu-Chek Instant from the list shown and tap Connect Now.
  4. Follow the instructions on your smartphone screen.
  5. Find the matching PIN on the back of your meter just below the battery and enter it into your phone.

Voilà! Your device is now connected. From here on out, the mySugr app will act as chief communication officer between you and your Accu-Chek Instant. That means any settings adjusted within the mySugr app will be transferred to your Accu-Chek Instant meter once synchronisation is complete. Accu-Chek Instant users get a free upgrade to mySugr PRO.



To check if your mobile device is compatible with the mySugr app, please contact our customer support team. For more information, contact your healthcare professional.


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