Ibhande seat belt covers will speak for you in a crisis

We learn more about Ibhande seat belt covers and how they can help people with a chronic medical condition in an emergency.

Picture this

A vehicle on a highway, suddenly losing momentum, veering erratically into the emergency lane, and coming to a grinding halt against the barrier. Cars stop, and concerned onlookers gather while someone dials the emergency services. Slumped in the driver’s seat is the owner of the vehicle, apparently unconscious, but intermittently stirring, mumbling, trying to speak as if about to respond to the questions of those who have come to the rescue.

“He looks like he fainted,” says an onlooker. “He looks dehydrated. Definitely not a heart attack or anything like that.”

“Maybe we should give him something to drink,” says another bystander. A can of cold, refreshing fruit juice is fetched from a nearby car.

If you’re reading this and you live with diabetes, you’re probably feeling a sense of unease right now. Perhaps even mild horror, because you understand the implications of what could happen here if nobody knows what to do and the wrong decision is made.

A better way to communicate

If you suffer from any kind of chronic medical condition, especially diabetes, or a condition where you might find yourself temporarily unable to communicate, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan. Something that can clearly and easily tell people about your condition if you experience a crisis and are not responsive.

The risk of miscommunication is always amplified if you’re away from home or in a vehicle, where nobody knows about your condition and may attempt to assist in ways that do more harm than good.

In the event of a diabetic emergency, for example, not everybody responding to your situation may be knowledgeable enough to do the right thing, or to diagnose a hypo/hyperglycaemia event that leads to loss of consciousness.

Ibhande medical alert cover

One very smart, practical answer to a potential crisis is the Ibhande medical alert cover. This is a cleverly designed information wraparound that can be attached to any seatbelt, infant car seat, stroller, bicycle, among dozens of different applications.

“The Ibhande seat belt cover is an intelligent, no-fuss life-saving solution for anyone who may be at risk of a medical emergency,” says Linda Angel, founder and owner of Ibhande.

“It’s highly visual, so it’s impossible to miss, even in a situation where visibility might not be great. For example, at the scene of a roadway accident at night.”

Ibhande offers you a selection of covers, ranging from infant and adult seat belt covers, to a versatile belt or frame cover that fits onto bikes, walking Zimmer frames, backpacks, or even backpack strap if you’re travelling.

The covers are fully customisable and are available in a range of 12 different colours. So, if you’re ordering a cover on Ibhande’s website, you can, with a few easy clicks, select the colour you prefer, specify the type of condition listed, and whether the recipient is likely to be responsive or unresponsive in a medical crisis or emergency.

You can also stipulate your exact medical alert information, covering allergies, medication, critical medical history information, any medical equipment you might be wearing (like a pacemaker), and contact numbers in case of emergency.

“Whether it’s a school bag strap, or on board an aircraft, we’ve got you covered,” says Linda. “And in a situation where a child, for example, might be temporarily separated from a parent at the scene of an accident, or at school, that vital information is clearly and instantly available to helpers. It’s more than just a means of making people aware of a condition, it saves critical minutes in a crisis and may prevent a tragedy from occurring.”

Easy removable

The Ibhande covers can be imprinted to announce a wide variety of physical conditions and disabilities, including diabetes, epilepsy, Down Syndrome, acute allergies, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others or just medical if you want to be a little more discreet.

“Our seat belt covers are safe and easy to use,” says Linda. “They’re made from neoprene, so they’re resilient and durable. They have sturdy velcro strips to ensure that the Ibhande cover is securely fitted and are fully adjustable for comfort and maximum visibility. It allows easy removal for first responders and easy for you to move from one car to another place you want it. It also can be removed easily for cleaning or repositioning.”

Thinking outside the box

Says Linda: “Our covers aren’t intended to replace tried and tested methods like the traditional medical alert bracelet but rather to add to them. To draw attention to any condition that could give rise to a crisis situation, and to do it in a way that is highly visible. It means that there’s a far greater likelihood of preventing accidental harm, and of ensuring the best, most accurate support for an individual when it’s most needed.”

Is this a smart idea? We definitely think so.

“One of our customers put it to me like this. She said, ‘For less than the cost of a lunch with my best friend, I’ve got something that I know will add enormously to my child’s safety if – heaven forbid – something had to ever happen to me while we’re driving’. And she’s right – it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. It’s about your peace of mind.”

To find out more about the Ibhande seatbelt cover’s and versatile travel cover, please visit ibhande.co.za