Five ways to track your food using the mySugr app

Do you want to know how to make the most out of food tracking using the mySugr app? We have got you sorted.

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The mySugr app is full of handy features to help you track your food, learn from your data and identify patterns. Tools like the Photo Function and Notes allow you to add valuable details about what you’re eating. Plus, Tags and the Smart Search Function means you can easily find what you’re looking for in just a few taps.

1. Photo Function

A picture speaks a thousand words, and photos of your food provide you with valuable information and details, so you can look back and learn from your data. Plus, you’ll become a carb-calculating connoisseur as the Photo Function trains your eye to judge a food’s carb content.

To make the most out of the Photo Function:

  • Make sure you photograph your entire meal. This will help you more in the long run and allow you to judge whether your carb estimation was correct.
  • Add contextual information to each photo, including location, estimated exchange quantity, and a precise description of the meal. This way, the next time you visit your favourite restaurant, you can find it in your past entries, see exactly what you ate, how much you dosed, and whether your estimations were on target. Check your blood glucose trends in the graph to see if you hit the bullseye.
  • Use the same photos so you don’t need to take a new photo every time (as long as the portions remain about the same). Just make sure you turn on the Save photos to Photos app setting, so you can quickly select pictures from your library without having to take new ones each time.
  • Add the picture after eating. Log entries can be backdated, meaning you can snap a quick photo of your food and then dig right in. Add the photo from your photo library and describe your meal afterwards.

2. Tags

The mySugr diabetes tracker app lets you create a new food log entry with handy Tags. You can select between almost 50 small icons that describe different situations and emotions. These Tags are there to help you understand the context of each entry better. Using the Tags regularly can help you to discover patterns when using the Smart Search Function.

3. Food type 

Vegetable, fruit, dairy. If you want to keep an eye on what type of food you eat, you can easily track it with the Food Type Function. Just tap on the little icon with the plate on it in the mySugr App and you get a selection of different food types to choose from.

These food labels can help you understand the context of each entry better. You can easily search for food type tags and identify patterns using the Smart Search Function.

4. Meal descriptions notes

Add contextual information to your data by entering descriptions of meals in the text field. So, you can easily find out what, where, when and why? Every log entry tells a story, and when it comes to your diabetes, the more detail, the better. Find out all you need to know about each log entry by adding descriptions of meals and referring back to them in the future.

5. Save meals

Save meals and find out how your blood glucose is affected. It’s super handy to have your favourite meals on file so you know exactly how they affect your blood glucose. Log your meals in the mySugr app and refer back to them anytime to easily learn from your data.

Top tip: The Smart Search Function 

The Smart Search Function in the mySugr app helps you find important data faster. Remember those handy Tags we discussed above? You can find food you have previously tagged using the Search Function. Easily locate things like food types and specific meals by searching for specific tags.

So, there you have it. Logging your food in the mySugr app means that you can say goodbye to confusion at meal times and a big hello to deliciousness.

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