Empowering youth with diabetes

Diabetes South Africa has had a children and youth outreach programme for over 40 years, holding regular events for children and youth with Type 1 Diabetes.

This outreach, although ongoing, was never formalised under the Diabetes SA banner. So, two years ago a group of volunteer mothers,  young adults and young people, all with a passion to assist this outreach, got together to formalise the Youth and Children’s Outreach Programme.

Together along with other volunteers, we designed and adopted a logo and slogan and are meeting regularly to plan a more focussed programme with regular events, camps, support and tools to assist parents, children and youth with Type 1 throughout South Africa.

We will use this platform to introduce our present Youth with Type 1 diabetes team in Cape Town and then those around the country.

In due course we will give updates, feedback and post photos of events, helpful articles, interact with you and support you on your journey with Type 1 diabetes.

I hope you will enjoy being part of Diabetes SA YT1 Warriors, and that we can learn from each other and assist in reaching our goals and living fulfilled, healthy lives.

Best wishes
Margot Mc Cumisky
Diabetes S.A. YT1 Chief Warrior

Pamoja Advocacy Project

During 2020, we are also working on the Pamoja Advocacy Project for Children with Diabetes in the school setting, in partnership with Sonia Nbete Foundation and T1 International.

The aim of the project is to ensure that our children are supported and have an enjoyable experience at school and receive the help they need during their school years in managing their diabetes.

We have a survey for parents to fill in on their child’s experience at school. Whether negative or positive, we can learn what works in this setting and we can address those issues and challenges that children and parents have had.

Please note, the survey will be treated as confidential and no personal information will be shared. The information is to help us assess the extent and nature of the challenges and problems you may have experienced and to guide us in developing tools and information to assist parents, children and teachers.



Back to school (with Type 1 diabetes)

Going back to school can be a stressful time for anyone. For people with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) this can be even more so, especially