DSA News Winter 2020

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So far 2020 has been an interesting and strange year, first with power outages and then the COVID-19 lockdown. We have learnt how to persevere and to cope with various challenging situations.

Our last monthly Diabetes Wellness meeting this year was held in March in the Caritas Hall, Newton Park. As there was a sudden unscheduled load shedding, we used eighteen candles and three torches to provide light.

Our guest speaker was Lisa Luckman, a biokineticist, who explained, through a talk (without the help of a PowerPoint presentation), much about Bio+Kinetics = Life Through Movement.

Lisa demonstrated various exercises that most of us could do. We learnt that, irrespective of our age and physical fitness, scientifically-based exercise programmes will improve our health and general physical abilities.

The vibe was great and didn’t need modern technology to make it happen, just an enthusiastic speaker and our loyal people who attended and who, so eagerly, participated. So, we enjoyed a ‘romantic’ and educational evening filled with much fellowship and fun.

Currently, we are not allowed to hold public meetings but any one is most welcome to contact us at any time on 082 579 9059.

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