DSA News – Spring 2021

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Changing Xabiso’s life

Paula Thom, convenor of the DSA Young Guns, was recently contacted by the brother of a high school learner, Xabiso. He was orphaned a few years ago and his Aunt Nomonde looks after him. Xabiso was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a year ago. His brother appealed for help in educating Xabiso and Nomonde in diabetes care and healthy eating. Xabiso had been admitted to hospital a few times already with hypoglycaemia.

Paula and Pamela Molefe went to Xabiso’s home in Motherwell to visit him and his aunt to see how we could assist them. Their biggest need was for a glucometer, healthy food for Xabiso and also clothing. An appeal was placed in the PE branch newsletter, Sweet Talk, and also on the DSA Young Guns Facebook page. Within a few days many responded, mainly from the DSA Young Guns.

On Saturday, 7 August 2021, Martin and Elizabeth Prinsloo and Pamela, who speaks their home language, took the gifts to Xabiso. One can feel the love and caring they have for one another in their home. He was given a brand-new glucometer, testing strips, needles, sweeteners, breakfast cereals, milk, fresh vegetables, booklets explaining diabetes care  and clothing to name a few items. Diabetic Accessories also donated a lovely gift hamper. The money has been banked in a sub-folder of our DSA branch account so that our branch  will be able to provide him with testing strips as needed.