DSA News Autumn 2024

– DSA National Office News –

Assisting Bergville Diabetes Support Group

DSA National Office assisted a diabetes support group in Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal run by Mrs Dorcas Mabizela. This group has already had two meetings. The recent one was on 21st February with 15 attendees (four male, 11 female) and six members who sent apologies for not being able to attend. Six new members were given a warm welcome and given more information about the programme.

Reinforcement of following a diabetes- and hypertension-friendly diet was explained using the booklets issued by DSA.

Members were impressed by what DSA had to offer and found it easy to know the difference between high and low blood glucose because of the pamphlets that were handed out.

Mrs Dorcus Mabizela has been invited to do a programme presentation at the local task team meeting at a municipality level on 13 of March 2024. The local government consists of 15 wards.

Assisting Bergville diabetes support group

– DSA Western Cape News –

Silver Stars Group

DSA sponsored The Seniors Club (NPO) namely ECM Silver Stars Seniors club groups members with free diabetes membership for the next year.

Norma and Alvin White are the co-ordinators of the club and based in Malibu Eersteriver, Western Cape. Since so many of the members have diabetes, they approached DSA to educate them on how to manage this chronic condition. With the little income/pension they receive, it makes it difficult to focus on their health as well as what foods to avoid.

There are currently 42 members and they meet once a week on a Thursday morning.

Each member was so grateful to be able to check their own blood glucose level instead of waiting until they have to see a doctor at their clinic.

– DSA Pretoria News –

February Wellness Meeting

Pieter Roos, a leading podiatrist in Centurion, gave an informative talk on feet, how to taking care of them and the correct footwear needed. The video shown was excellent. It was very interactive and we all came away having learned something new.

– DSA Port Elizabeth News –

Department of Recreation, Sports, Arts and Culture

Martin and Elizabeth were invited to give a talk about Diabetes Awareness at the Department of Recreation, Sports, Arts and Culture situated in the Fairview Office Park, Greenacres. A few of those present there have diabetes and most knew somebody who has diabetes. They appreciated the pamphlets.

Trident Steel Wellness Day

Martin and Elizabeth attended the Wellness Day at Trident Steel on Friday 1 December 2023. Each stall holder had a chance to address the people and explain what their table had to offer.

Malabar Diabetes Wellness Meeting

The Malabar Diabetes Wellness Group had their first meeting for 2024 on 13 February at the Malabar Community Centre. Dr Tyrone Moodaley spoke about General Diabetes – Questions And Answers. He ably answered the many interesting questions that were asked.

Springdale Diabetes Wellness Meeting

On 13 February 2024, the people who attended the Springdale Diabetes Wellness Meeting had loads of fun as Soraya Boomgaard, a fitness coach, led them through a variety of exercises. She explained that Exercise should be part of our daily life.

Newton Park Diabetes Wellness Meeting

The Newton Park Diabetes Wellness Meeting was held on Wednesday evening, 14 February 2024 in the hall at the Caritas Centre. The guest speaker, a registered dietitian, Carli Rauch, delivered a most informative presentation titled Carbohydrate Counting 101 and then answered many questions.

Rest in peace Xabiso Mbetshe

We met Xabiso on 7 August 2021 after his brother contacted Paula Thom from our DSA Young Guns, asking for advice and help about diabetes.

Martin, Elizabeth and Pamela, who speaks their home language, took gifts that had been donated to Xabiso. The gifts included a brand-new glucometer, testing strips, needles, sweeteners, breakfast cereals, milk, fresh vegetables, booklets explaining diabetes care and clothing to name a few items. He and his Aunt Nomonde were so happy and grateful.

Xabiso attend our first Campdiabetable and learnt much from the other children living with Type 1.

Sadly, on 21 February 2024, he passed away during the night due to a hypoglycemic coma.

Rest in peace Xabiso Mbetshe