DSA News Autumn 2020

DSA Western Cape news

Kayamandi Diabetes Community Wellness Group

The DSA Western Cape branch visited the Kayamandi Diabetes Community Wellness Group in Stellenbosch on 17 March.

This group meets regularly at the Kayamandi Community Library. It is ably run by Sr Luleka Mzuzu and Nonhanha Batweni. They organise speakers, glucose screening and discussions relating to diabetes.

At the time of the visit, Sr Luleka spoke about keeping safe and well during the Covid-19 pandemic, giving vital information to the 20 people who attended.

Margot McCumisky spoke to the group about the importance of managing your diabetes, self-motivation, and setting goals to improve your health. She ended the talk by encouraging the group to keep learning about diabetes and creating community awareness and encouraging one another.

DSA Port Elizabeth news

Young Guns

In September 2017, Paula Thom, a young adult who has diabetes, revived the group for Type1’s. They decided to call themselves the Young Guns.

The ages vary from toddlers to young adults. Their families and siblings play an important part in their lives. The Young Guns meet at different venues each month to enjoy fun activities and have time to share their experiences and feelings with their peers.

The mothers and guardians gather nearby to share how they cope with a child who has diabetes. One mother has two daughters who both have diabetes.

Some of the activities include a day at the beach, an afternoon at the movies, Ten Pin bowling, day hikes and going out for brunch or lunch, or having fun at the trampoline park.

This year another young adult Type 1, Darren Badenhuizen, has been elected as the male leader of the Young Guns. We are proud of the way they share and care for each other and grow in learning how to live and enjoy life.

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