Does diabetes cause dry mouth?

A dry mouth (xerostomia) can exacerbate the side effects of diabetes, which will then lead to an increase in glucose levels, wreaking havoc on the body. We learn more about why diabetes causes dry mouth.

A dry mouth is not only a symptom of high blood sugar, but it can also be the cause of it. Having a dry mouth, especially as a diabetes patient, can lead to rampant tooth decay, which means blood sugar increases as the body tries to fight infection. A dry mouth can also lead to loss of sleep and an altered sense of taste, a condition that presents with a metallic or sour taste in the mouth.

Treatments for dry mouth caused by diabetes

Because of the harmful effects of having a dry mouth, it is of extreme importance to keep saliva flowing as efficiently as possible. There are several ways to make this happen; the most important is to increase the intake of liquids throughout the day. Increasing the amount of fluids in the body can also help prevent sores in the mouth and chapped lips, as well as help maintain overall health.

Even though many diabetes patients have had relative success at fighting a dry mouth by drinking more liquids, it is not a long-term solution, and as soon as the body has processed the fluids, the dry mouth returns. When this happens, a more direct approach to the problem is needed. Fortunately, there are several ways to help stimulate salivation, such as sugar-free gum, mouthwash, and mints. In most cases, those who use these methods have become disappointed after a few weeks, since they tend to be less effective as time goes by, but there is one dry mouth product on the market, Xerostom, that has brought relief to many dry mouths, from cancer patients to diabetes patients.Prime Dental on dry mouth

Dry mouth relief with Xerostom

Xerostom is a complete line of oral care products specially formulated for people with dry mouth. The patented combination of olive oil, betaine and xylitol has shown to:

  • Increase salivary flow by up to 200% 1
  • Relieve pain associated with Xerostomia
  • Improve dryness of the mouth and throat
  • Relieve thirst due to lack of saliva

Xerostom is available online (, at Dis-Chem and in other leading independent pharmacies.


1- Results obtained during study developed by University of New York. Ship JA, et al. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 34 (2007) 724-732. New York University.