Diabetes SA approved products

Any food product which has the Diabetes SA logo on it is safe for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients to consume in the recommended serving size. 

The Diabetes SA logo endorsement requires products to meet strict criteria to carry the logo. Diabetes SA logo product endorsement service provider is the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa, who have had great success in managing their own Heart Mark logo endorsement programme for many years. The Diabetes SA endorsement is approved by government, specifically for consumers with diabetes, using different criteria to the Heart Mark and any other endorsements. 

Here is a list of endorsed products:


  • Dynamic Brands FitFruit 1L 
  • Footys Ready to Drink
  • SHLOOP! Icey Shakes
  • Southern Cape H2GLO Flavoured Sparkling Water


  • FreeSweet Natural Sweetener
  • Eze Sweet Original Sweetener
  • Sweetly Sugar Substitute 
  • Sweetly Baking Sugar Substitute
  • Sweetly Sugar Shaker


  • Lucky Star Pilchards, Sardines, Tuna Chunks, Shredded Tuna, Sardinella, Middlecut
  • Chef2Table Complete Meals
  • Bakers Provita, Baked Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Rhodes Tomato Juice
  • Roscherr’s Jams & Marmalade
  • Checkers Simply Truth Peanut Butter Smooth, Peanut Butter Crunchy, Rolled Oats, SteelCut Oats, Instant Oats, Original Cereal, Chocolate Cereal
  • Thistlewood Jams
  • Vital Health Original Muesli

If you would like your product to have the DSA logo endorsement, send your request to our Diabetes SA logo endorsement service provider: 

Heart and Stroke Foundation SA

Tel: 021 422 1586 

Pamela Naidoo at pamela.naidoo@heartfoundation.co.za

Nazeema Meniers at dsaendorsement@gmail.com