Diabetes Focus | Winter 2023

Dear members and friends,

I hope you are all keeping well during the start of the winter season and the constant load shedding.

We have some really informative articles for you in this winter issue, as well as some great recipes. I hope you will enjoy reading them and that they help you with your diabetes management.

The articles which I particularly found helped my understanding and which I will print and keep for future reference are:

The miracle treatment: insulin – this article really explains the different types of insulins and actions so well.

Hair loss and diabetes I was not aware that diabetes could cause hair loss.

Ode to Ozempic and friendsThere have been lots of enquiries from patients and the media about the drug Ozempic so this article answers all those questions and gives so much information about weight loss and the medications available that can assist.

The impact of sports drinks on blood glucoseThere are so many sports drinks on the market these days so it’s good to know which ones are okay if you have diabetes.

What happens during a lowThis information will help many of us with diabetes and our family and friends understand the effects and how it feels to have a low blood glucose episode.

I do hope you will take the time to read the many other articles; too many to mention them all. By reading them, you will increase your diabetes knowledge and they may assist you with your diabetes.

In DSA news, you can read what we have been up to the past few months.

Yours in Health
Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa

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The use of nutritional supplements in diabetes

Dietitian, Esteé van Lingen, educates us on nutritional supplements, what ingredients to look for and highlights

DSA News Winter 2023

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Connect for diabetes coaching

Did you know you can get personalised diabetes coaching with Accu-Chek Instant and the mySugr


FUTURELIFE® Skinny Crêpes

Discover a nutritious and delicious meal option with FUTURELIFE®  Skinny Crêpes recipe - so easy to

Classic Tacos

4 servings | Preparation time: 25 to 30 minutes | 11 ingredients INGREDIENTS 4 corn tortillas or





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