Diabetes Focus | Winter 2022

Dear members and friends,

Hi members and friends,

I hope this finds you keeping well and in good spirits as winter draws in. To help you through the chilly days this winter, we have the article  Exercise in cooler months, to encourage you to stay active during the season as it’s such an important tool in managing your diabetes.

Winter meal planning is especially helpful in saving you time, and money, as well as cutting down on trips to the shops on rainy or cold days. I love the menu for the week idea and will definitely be following the advice given.

Brooklyn’s Rabie’s story Life isn’t perfect but I’m blessed is an insightful look into the struggles and challenges that a child or teen experiences living with diabetes. I do believe that this will be helpful for many parents in understanding the emotional aspects they experience.

Congratulations to Jonathan Collins on being Medically fit to fly. His story of challenging the discrimination, which is often experienced by people with Type 1 diabetes, is especially encouraging and motivating.

The GlucaGen hypo kit article is an extremely important one. It would be a good one to print and keep where it can be accessed in the case of a severe low glucose episode.

I love reading the stories of others experiences with managing their diabetes. It helps to realise we’re not alone in our struggles and challenges living with diabetes. This issue we have the stories of Jane Mapfungautsi: Living with diabetes for 42 years Jane and Lynne Vorster – Being an Oumie keeps me active. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us.

There are many more topics and lots of helpful info in this issue. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa

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