Diabetes Focus | Winter 2021

Dear members and friends,

I hope that you are all keeping well and are in good spirits as winter is settling in and the weather is getting colder. Winter always brings to mind warming soups and stews, curries and casseroles, sitting by the fire, reading books with cups of steaming hot chocolate and all those lovely comfort foods.

I appreciate our South African winters, which are relatively mild compared to the reports I get from family members in other parts of the world, where they experience well below freezing temperatures and knee-deep snow and blizzards.

We have really great articles in this issue. All the articles are interesting and helpful, especially Heart attack and stroke – know the symptoms and How to improve cholesterol profiles with diet. We should all be aware and pass on to friends and family.

Other good reads are Questions answered: COVID vaccines and diabetes, Discussing winter jabs and The importance of clinical trials.

Meet Sock Doctor and The rules for sick days are timely articles especially during winter. Remember, that you get a free pair of Mohair and Bamboo Medisocks when you take out or renew a DSA Membership.

I have always thought that having empathy is so important in our lives, as we all have challenges along life’s journey and it makes such a difference when we experience empathy. This is why Empathy in your diabetes care: a luxury or a necessity? is a great article.

The measure of it – Time in range is such useful and informative info on blood glucose testing which is so important for all with diabetes. I specifically recommend reading and following the advice to help you manage your diabetes.

We are all holding thumbs for Jonathan Collins on his Successful appeal for pilot with diabetes. Go Jonathan!

I encourage you to read all the articles as there is always something new to learn or be reminded of. Let us know which are your favourites or which ones you especially enjoyed.

Please look after yourselves during this winter season and let us know if we can assist you with your diabetes.

Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa


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Meet Sock Doctor

Have you tried the mohair and bamboo socks from Sock Doctor? This proudly South African company

All you need to know about cottage cheese

Registered dietitian and diabetes nurse educator, Tammy Jardine, unpacks the benefits of adding cottage cheese to

Meaningful monitoring

Checking your blood glucose with purpose is imperative; we learn why and how to ensure meaningful

Diabetic skincare during COVID-19

Over the past year, you may have noticed a flare up of very dry, rough or



Successful appeal for pilot with diabetes

Jonathan Collins tells us about his successful appeal for being declared permanently medically unfit to temporary

Meet Mr and Mrs Daya

Surendra and Manjhula Daya, the co-ordinators for the Malabar Diabetes Wellness Group, tell us about both

Toine and Rita van Wetten – Living with the glass-is-half-full-attitude

Rita van Wetten shares how her and her husband, Toine, have persisted the glass-is-half-full-attitude in both

The Type 1 behind Camp Diabetable

Ernest Groenewald tells us about his diabetes journey and how he was inspired to start Camp


The SA Seniors Fitness Association (SASFA)

SASFA is open to anyone over the age of 50, if you are looking for fun

Good nutrition for older adults

Rhodene Oberholzer shares guidelines to  get all the nutrition you need for optimal health, while living

Why nut butter options are better

Annica Rust, a registered dietitian, explains the benefits of nut butter options. Benefits of nuts Consuming

Healthy eating on a budget

"I want to eat healthier, but it’s just too expensive.” Have you said this before? Many

How to improve cholesterol profiles with diet

Registered dietitian, Annica Rust, explains why improving your cholesterol profile with diet is important. What is


Heart attack and stroke – know the symptoms

Did you know heart disease and strokes are the leading cause of death in people living

Empathy in your diabetes care: a luxury or a necessity?

Daniel Sher dives into the science of empathy to show why empathy is a healthcare necessity,

Put your best foot forward with socks

Podiatrist, Dennis Rehbock, educates us on the history of socks and how they have advanced over

Questions answered: COVID vaccines and diabetes

Dr Paula Diab addresses some of the more common questions and concerns around COVID vaccines in

DSA News – Winter 2021

DSA Port Elizabeth news Denim for Diabetes Diabetes Wellness meetings We are thrilled to report that

Tending to your life energy through the years

Have you ever considered that there is not a single cell in your body that is


The rules for sick days

Diabetes nurse educator, Kate Bristow, outlines the rules for sick days and how to manage diabetes

No more cold feet – reflexology

For people with diabetes, winter can bring many battles, such as cold feet, that don’t need

The importance of clinical trials

Amina Goondiwala, a principal study coordinator, explains the importance and benefits of clinical trials. The World

The measure of it – Time in range

Dr Angela Murphy discusses diabetes control in the 21st century, specifically time in range. After the

Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

Dr Louise Johnson explains why the correct diagnosis can prevent unnecessary complications, especially in latent autoimmune


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