Diabetes Focus | Summer 2021

Dear members and friends,

When something is tough and challenging, having a friend or supporter can make all the difference in helping you to progress and move forward.

In this issue of  Diabetes Focus, Daniel Sher talks about finding help when we need it. Read his story in Happy, healthy and making a difference.  

Life has many ups and downs and diabetes can be difficult to manage during trying times. Don’t struggle on your own, seek help or support. Remember that is what Diabetes South Africa is here for, to travel this journey with you and assist you along the way.

As always, we have great articles and stories about others living with diabetes, I hope you will read them all and will enjoy them. Lesley van Greunen’s, Daniel Sher’s and Thea De Gruchy’s stories are so interesting and inspiring.

Understanding label reading in Kitchen Makeover helps us to understand how to make those healthy choices. Sex, dating and diabetes is an important topic and one that is not often talked about.

How to manage your medical aids will be helpful for those who have a medical aid.

Read more on what DSA has been up to recently. We have been busy.

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Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and a blessed 2022.

Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa

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