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Dear members and friends,

We have great articles for you in the 2019 spring issue of Diabetes Focus. Several articles, including our patient profiles, focus on being positive and facing challenges while living with diabetes.

While others give valuable information to cut down costs, i.e. (Cost) effective blood glucose monitoring and Save (kitchen savings). We also hear about ways to plan for the future, with the likes of Retirement Planning and Life Insurance.I am currently attending the Hospital Association of South Africa 2019 Conference. One of my focuses is to encourage the doctors and hospitals to refer their newly diagnosed patients with diabetes to Diabetes South Africa, so that we can provide information, education and support.

My husband’s doctor did just this 30 years ago and the help we received over the years has been invaluable. Please, help us spread the word. Next time you visit your doctor, ask him/her if he refers his diabetes patients to us. We want to help.

Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa


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I saved my coach’s life – Kyra Stevens

We chat to Kyra Stevens, a 15-year-old living with Type 1 diabetes, who saved her athletics coach, Shafiek Murphy's (48) life, with quick-thinking and action

Justin Groenewald – doing the unthinkable

Type 1 diabetes patient, Justin Groenewald, tells us about his dream of doing the unthinkable – to be the first person with diabetes to complete

Fabulous Flori – Florence Schrikker

Florence Schrikker, aka Flori, tells us how living with Type 2 diabetes and an amputation never stopped her living her life to the fullest. She

physical activity

Living positively with diabetes

Hannie Williams, a dynamic diabetic nurse educator, shares tips on how to live positively with diabetes. How do you do? What a pleasure to have

The 5 healthiest cooking oils

Fats are an essential part of the human diet, helping synthesise hormones, promoting overall brain- and mental health, and keeps us full. But what are

Diabetes and financial stress

Daniel Sher educates us on how to deal with the psychological burden of financial stress when living with diabetes. Case study of patient with financial

Retirement planning: why and how

Did you know only 3% of South Africans will be able to retire comfortably? Ronel Jooste advocates why it is important to start saving from as

Getting life insurance when you have diabetes

Did you know that you could qualify for life insurance even if you have diabetes? Janette Rooney tells us more. If you have a financial

Mindful eating vs gulping down food

Dietitian, Retha Harmse, educates us on why we shouldn’t gulp down our food but rather practise mindful eating. We all have those days when we

My heart, your heart and the hearts of all South Africans

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) is embracing the World Heart Federation theme My Heart, Your Heart. But are going a mile further by


Noy Pullen shares how to save with simple tips to keep costs down when eating healthy. Simple tips to keep down costs of healthy eating

DSA News Spring 2019

DSA Port Elizabeth news Health awareness day in Malabar The Malabar Diabetes Wellness Group held their 4th biennial Health Awareness Day, on 22 June 2019, at

(Cost) effective blood glucose monitoring

Kevin Stead explains (cost) effective blood glucose monitoring. With the rising cost of living in South Africa, it is imperative that we realise value in

A multi-disciplinary centre for diabetes opens in KwaZulu-Natal

According to Statistics South Africa’s most recent Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa report, KwaZulu-Natal had a higher proportion of deaths attributed to diabetes

Movement disorders associated with diabetes

People living with diabetes may suffer from an array of movement disorders that can cause pain and dysfunction. Physiotherapist, Saadia Jantjes, tells us more. In

Informing the uninformed – doctors and patients

Lisa Swaine gives us legal insight as to why doctors need to have a record of informed consent, and highlights that good clear communication is


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