Welcome to the 2019 autumn issue of Diabetes Focus eMag

Dear members and friends,

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying a good 2019 thus far.

Diabetes South Africa (DSA) launched a new two-tier membership option last year November, in time for our 50thanniversary. So far, it has been well-received. We have had many new members signing up. It would be great to have feedback from the new members as to the benefits they have received through their membership. We will be working on adding benefits as the year goes on.

Fortunately, DSA has been blessed with two interns, visiting from overseas countries, this year. Hannah from USA and Marie from Germany. They are working on various projects to assist us. You can read more about them and their time in South Africa in this issue.

I am currently away in Texas, USA for my daughter’s wedding and will be sure to share photos in the next issue.

Just a gentle reminder to get your flu shots in time before the flu season.

All the very best in health



Margot Mc Cumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa

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