If you have diabetes or a child who has diabetes, travelling always takes planning and preparation. Ensure you wear a medical alert bracelet. Keep contact information for emergencies (e.g. pump helpline) as well as a prescription of supplies or a copy thereof on hand. 

It is essential to keep a travel (cooler) bag with your diabetic supplies handy. Ensure you pack extra insulin to cover the days of your trip and possible fluctuating glucose levels; a glucose meter and extra batteries for both the meter and pump; capped lancets; appropriate snacks; and glucagon.

In the case of air travel, keep your medical supplies in your hand luggage, to reduce the risk of lost luggage or extreme cold temperatures in the luggage hold. 

Ideally, split the supplies into two bags. If possible, give one bag to a travelling companion in case some hand luggage gets lost.

Always carry easy meals or snacks for unforeseen delays and unanticipated glucose levels.

Remember heat and excitement can cause fluctuating blood glucose levels. Carry plenty of water and suitable snacks to address these fluctuating levels.