aQuellé – have a heart for diabetes

Diabetes is the second leading cause of natural deaths in South Africa.

227 people die from diabetes related causes every day, and this figure is expected to increase if the rate of infection is left unchecked.

aQuellé has a heart for diabetes, since the disease affects so many people in the communities they work in and support. aQuellé is educating South Africans about the disease, the need to get tested and how to live a healthier lifestyle to reduce the effect of diabetes in South African communities.

In partnership with Diabetes South Africa, aQuellé is driving awareness and hope by providing membership kits to diabetes sufferers.

Choose water. Eat Healthy. Get active.

Every bottle counts, so let’s make a difference together!  Get in touch through the aQuellé website.

Have a heart. Have an aQuellé.

Check out the DSA Facebook page to enter the competition to receive a membership kit!