Welcome to the 2019 winter issue of Diabetes Focus eMag

Greetings to all Diabetes SA’s members and friends,

Welcome to the 2019 winter issue of Diabetes Focus. I hope you are all doing well and keeping warm this winter. Remember not to use hot water bottles, or toast your feet in front of the fire if you have diabetes. Rather wear a thick pair of socks.
We have some great articles for you in this issue of Diabetes Focus: What are the best sweeteners for people living with diabetes? Energy drinks – are they safe? What you need to know about the keto diet, and so much more.
Of course, the 2019 winter issue would not be complete without a new Parmalat recipe for soup which is a winter staple for most of us.

In case you have not heard about our new membership with benefits. I would encourage you to go to our Membership page and join. The benefits include:

  • A free 60-page booklet with important diabetes info and recipes,
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  • A free eye screening at Spec Savers throughout South Africa.
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  • And much more to come.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Diabetes SA membership family.
Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa


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Irene Aarons – accepting diabetes with words

Poet and writer, Irene Aarons (nom de plume – Irene Emanuel), tells us how writing poetry about her medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes, has

Zoné Oberholzer – the beauty living with Type 1 diabetes

Modelling, insulin pumps, make-up and studying. This is all in the life of Zoné Oberholzer, a Type 1 diabetes patient and a Miss Supranational SA

Type 2 diabetes and physical activity

It is generally accepted that being active and eating healthy is good for us. Moreover, getting active and staying active can help you to manage

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Breastfeeding with diabetes

As a mom to be, we all want what is best for our baby. There is a huge amount of research that shows breastfeeding is

What are the best sweeteners for people living with diabetes?

There is a lot of controversy regarding  sweeteners (sugar substitutes) and which is better for people living with diabetes. Retha Harmse simplifies the facts. Sugar

Make time to move

Physiotherapist, Saadia Kirsten Jantjes, gives us practical moves to up your everyday exercise and move. A few weeks ago, while scrolling through social media, I

The keto diet – what you need to know

Recently, the ketogenic diet (keto for short) has been in the spotlight as the new diet to try. With that dietitian, Retha Harmse, educates us

Can people living with diabetes donate blood?

National Blood Donor Month was in June; with that we chat to Dr Nolubabalo Makiwane, from the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) about whether

Change in CBD regulation in South Africa

Regulatory experts at Webber Wentzel educate us on the recent change in CBD regulation: if CBD products contain less than 20mg for a daily dose,

World No Tobacco Day: out of the ashtray into the cloud

We hear more about how the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa supports the new proposed law to ban electronic smoking devices in South Africa

DSA News Winter 2019


The see-saw of life

Noy Pullen tells us about the see-saw of life when living with diabetes. When I got the email with the theme, The highs and lows

Energy drinks: are they safe?

Energy drinks can be the go-to solution when one is feeling tired. However, are they safe for people living with diabetes? Jessica Pieterse reviewed the

Vaccines – pneumococcal and influenza

Dr Louise Johnson educates us on winter vaccines – pneumococcal and influenza – for people living with diabetes. What is pneumococcal disease? Pneumococcal disease is

Understanding the Somogyi effect and dawn phenomenon

Diabetes nurse educator, Christine Manga, explains the causes behind elevated fasting blood glucose readings in the morning: Somogyi effect and dawn phenomenon. Both the Somogyi

Depression and diabetes

Daniel Sher explores how diabetes and depression are linked, and gives some pointers for managing diabetes and depression together. If you have diabetes, your chance

Tips for injecting insulin

Jessica Oosthuizen shares some useful pointers when injecting insulin. Insulin therapy remains a fundamental and essential part of diabetes management. Many patients with Type 2


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