Welcome to the 2019 summer issue of Diabetes Focus eMag

Dear members and friends,

With 2019 rapidly ending, we bring you the last issue of Diabetes Focus for the year.

It’s jam-packed of many articles of varying topicsthat I’m sure you will find interesting and helpful.From fitness for Type 1 diabetes patients and recovering from aninjury to the experience of having a heart attack and ensuring good mental health for diabetes patients. Plus, the new guidelines for diabetes management and much, much more.

We hope you will enjoy reading all of them and thatthey will assist you with keeping well with diabetes.

Diabetes SA is involved in many events during NationalDiabetes Month in November. We have walks, picnics, seminarsand workshops galore in different areas in South Africa.

We hope to see some of you at our events and we will be sure, to take lots of pictures and report on them for the fist issue of Diabetes Focus in 2020.

Best Wishes over the festive season, and thank you to all of you for your loyalsupport during 2019.

Yours in Health

Margot McCumisky
National Manager – Diabetes South Africa

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Check out our T1 Youth Warrior Page - Empowering youth with diabetes.

We have a survey for parents to fill in on their child’s experience at school. Whether negative or positive, we can learn what works in this setting and we can address those issues and challenges that children and parents have had.

Please note, the survey will be treated as confidential and no personal information will be shared. The information is to help us assess the extent and nature of the challenges and problems you may have experienced and to guide us in developing tools and information to assist parents, children and teachers.


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Fabulite™ Cauliflower “Potato” Salad

Cauliflower has, over recent years, become a superhero in low carb diets. Its versatility allows it to replace many refined carbohydrates, such as rice, potato and even pizza

Albany boiled egg sriracha mayonnaise sarmie

INGREDIENTS 2 slices Albany Low GI Wholewheat Bread ¼ Small Avo (30g) 2 Large boiled eggs (100g) 10ml sriracha 15ml mayonnaise 45ml Low Fat Plain Yoghurt Juice of


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When losing is winning – Tash Minto

Natasha Minto, who does not have diabetes, openly speaks about her struggle with her weight, weighing 155kg at the age of 23, and how she came to lose

Life after a heart attack – Vaughan Wood

Vaughan Wood, who has Type 2 diabetes, tells us how he survived a heart attack and about his recovery process. Vaughan Wood (55) lives in Port Elizabeth with

Diabetic Athletic – Nicholas Caracandas

Nicholas Caracandas, a Type 1 diabetes patient, tells us how he is paying it forward with his Diabetic Athletic programme. Nicholas Caracandas (32) lives in Pinelands, Cape Town

A toast to bread and all its benefits

Dietitian, Nicola Walters, tells us all the good things about bread and why we should eat it. Bread is a staple food that has been around for more

Healthy Type 2 diabetes summer eating

While welcoming in the warmer weather and Diabetes Awareness Month, it's a perfect opportunity to re-look at your eating. Are you warming up to good health? Food and

Everyday factors that affect our mental health

While trauma, divorce and bereavement can send anyone into a downward spiral of depression, there are some surprising, everyday factors that also heighten our risk for mental illness.

Rethink your drink this summer

Dietitian, Retha Harmse, educates us with facts so we can rethink our drink this summer. With summer here, it’s not only imperative to keep sipping to prevent dehydration

Type 2 diabetes and physical activity

It is generally accepted that being active and eating healthy is good for us. Moreover, getting active and staying active can help you to manage your diabetes or

How to stay healthy on a budget

Ronel Jooste offers practical tips for potential savings and how to  stay healthy on a budget. Medical care is expensive, not only in South Africa but worldwide. The

Using diabetes guidelines: the right medicine for the right person

Dr Angela Murphy helps us understand the recent changes in the guidelines for treating diabetes. The purpose of treating diabetes is to improve the symptoms which result from

DSA News Summer 2019

DSA Port Elizabeth news Diabetes Awareness in Happy Valley, Port Elizabeth on 30 September 2019 Martin and Elizabeth Prinsloo were invited to attend  a gathering of more than

Challenges facing SA in the fight against diabetic retinopathy

Did you know the earliest changes in the body caused by diabetes can be seen in the eye? Dr Stephen Cook advocates early screening of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes

Cognitive behavioural therapy and diabetes

Clinical psychologist, Daniel Sher, explains how cognitive behavioural therapy, a psychological tool, can help people with diabetes to thrive. What is cognitive behavioural therapy? Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

The dangers of dehydration

Doug Potter shares the reason for his mom’s passing and goes on to educate us on the dangers of dehydration. I am blessed with longevity on my dad’s

Ego-mind vs. true-self – which one controls your life?

Peter Shrimpton helps us understand how the ego-mind vs. the true-self and how this battle affects our health and life choices. Be honest. Have you ever heard yourself

Preventative foot care for people living with diabetes

Riaan Knight, a medical orthotist and prosthetist, explains why preventative foot care is so important for people living with diabetes. Father’s loss of limb directs choice of career

How to recover from an injury if you have diabetes

Saadia Jantjes shares advice to help you recover from an injury if you have diabetes. Leading a healthy and active life is an essential aspect of managing diabetes. When

Baqsimi – a nasal glucagon

Dr Louise Johnson explains why it’s good news that a nasal glucagon, sold under the name Baqsimi, was approved in July by the US FDA. The bad news is


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