10 reasons to invest in diabetic socks

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Sock Doctor delves into the reasons why good foot care is important and what makes their diabetic socks so worth the investment.

Diabetes and foot care: what you need to know

Simply put, over time high blood glucose levels experienced by those with diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves. When this happens in the feet, the result can be a numbness or loss of feeling that makes it easy for any cut, blister or infection to go unnoticed. Pair this with a reduction in circulation (common for those with diabetes), and it can take a long time for any wound to heal. This means that preventative foot care is important.

Socks designed with diabetes in mind

The Mohair Socks from Sock Doctor are made with a combination of mohair and bamboo and are endorsed by Diabetes South Africa. Below are 10 reasons why they are worth the investment (and podiatrists agree too).

1. No ‘elastic bite’

If you have diabetes, you need socks with a non-restrictive top to prevent ʻelastic biteʼ. You don’t want anything that impedes circulation.

2. Will always stay in place.

A high tab on the heel (for a short sock) or a super soft graduated fit (for a longer sock) are brilliant features of diabetic sock design since they see socks stay in place and result in less chafe and blisters.

3. Maximum breathability (and your feet won’t smell!)

The bamboo properties of Sock Doctor’s range allow for extra breathability so you can say goodbye to sweaty feet. The natural breathability and smooth fibres of mohair and bamboo also prevent the build-up of bacteria and keep your feet odour-free.

4. No rough and uncomfortable seams

Seams are important since a raised seam can cause friction and blisters. You don’t need to worry about this with Sock Doctor’s range.

5. Your feet will be fully cushioned

A fully cushioned mohair foot offers maximum moisture absorption and protection (and huge comfort factor, too).

6. Minimise the chances of chafe

The smooth fibres and quick drying properties of mohair help to reduce chafing and prevent blisters.

7. Your feet will stay dry

The capillary nature of mohair means that it has natural wickability and absorbs moisture quickly, so your feet will always be dry (and this is one of the easiest and best ways to look after your feet).

8. Less risk of fungal infection

Bamboo has an inherent antibacterial agent, called bamboo kun, that helps prevent fungal infections and is completely hypoallergenic.

 9. Your feet will never be too hot or cold

The breathability and insulating properties of both mohair and bamboo keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

10. You’ll be wearing the most comfortable socks

Bamboo is naturally silky soft on the skin and incredibly comfortable to wear. Pair this with a cushioned sole, no tight elastic or hard seams, and you’ll be investing in the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.


“Many sock brands claim to have the best diabetic socks, but having tried various other brands, I have found that the Mohair Sock Doctor socks truly do what they claim to do –keeping the feet dry, fungus-free with a non-restrictive top band. Thank you for a great product.” – Neil van der Merwe, Orthotist Prosthetist, Mobility Assist.


“We assist numerous patients with problematic feet, these patients need special attention and care when it comes to their feet. We have received excellent feedback from our patients. These socks are comfortable, suitable for our diabetic patients and it doesn’t hurt that these socks come in a variety of prints and colours.” – OP Active

Offer valid until 31st March 2022.


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