Diabetes Focus | The real autumn reset

Dear members and friends,

I hope you all have enjoyed the first two months of 2024. We at Diabetes South Africa wish you a wonderful healthy year ahead.

Diabetes Focus has informative articles in this autumn issue, which I hope you will find helpful and interesting and most of all to assist in the management of your diabetes.

Whilst your HbA1c test results are a good guide on how you are managing your blood glucose levels, the 10 tips to improve time in range is so important. The latest guidelines recommend aiming for blood glucose levels to be within the recommended range 70% of the time.

Other good reads include: The five essential vitamins for managing diabetes; How to build resilience as a person with diabetes; Five ways to sneak in exercise when you’re short on time (Isn’t this the case for most of us?); Sleep and screen time: what you should know (Sleep is more important!); and A closer look at fat-burning heart rate zone.

I’m sure many will identify with Lorraine Makohliso’s story My journey of resilience and transformation, and what an uplifting story Nosisana Mankayi has in Taking it in her stride.

There are many other articles to read which are equally important, which I hope will improve your understanding of diabetes, and assist you on your life’s journey. 

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Yours in Health
Margot McCumisky
National Manager – DSA

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Smoky Kassler Pork and Roasted Veg Salad

This Smoky Kassler Pork and Roasted Veg Salad is a hearty yet refreshing meal perfect


Know your sweeteners

In a world where sweeteners have become a focus for people living with diabetes or

Does apple cider vinegar help with diabetes management?

Estée van Lingen, a registered dietitian, explores the potential advantages of apple cider vinegar for

The merits of good diabetic nutrition

We learn about the six must-have foods for good diabetic nutrition and when to add

Diabetes data tips

We learn tips for recording diabetes data and how digital support, such as smartphone apps,



Alcohol: drink safely and smartly

Is it possible to enjoy alcohol if you have diabetes? Yes, however, the key message

Five ways to sneak in exercise when you’re short on time

Here are five fun and creative ways to sneak in exercise when you're short on

How to balance body positivity, weight, and diabetes

Finding the balance between body positivity and managing your diabetes but it’s important to approach

Spend time with friends for your mental health

We learn why spending time with your friends is so important for your mental health.


How to build resilience as a person with diabetes

In the tapestry of life, living with diabetes often adds complex patterns, weaving in challenges

Sleep and screen time: what you should know

Kate Bristow, a diabetes nurse educator, gives a rundown of all you need to know

The cholesterol facts

With so many misconceptions regarding cholesterol, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

The five essential vitamins for managing diabetes

Retha Harmse delves into the five essential vitamins that are needed for good management of


10 tips to improve your time in range

Diabetes nurse educator, Christine Manga, shares 10 practical tips to improve your time in range.

A closer look at fat-burning heart rate zone

We learn about the science behind the fat-burning heart rate zone as well as practical

Addison’s disease and Type 1 diabetes

With Addison’s Disease Day on 29 May, Dr Angela Murphy explains the disease and how

Stages of chronic kidney disease

Although chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease the good news is that not everyone

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