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Dear members and friends,

This is an exciting year for us at Diabetes South Africa; it’s our 55th Anniversary Celebration. Yes, we have been assisting and supporting people from all over South Africa since we were established in 1969.

To mark this milestone, we are holding a Fundraising Dinner and Auction at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town on Saturday 31st August 2024. Starting at 4:30pm with free welcome drinks, we will be live streaming the Springboks vs All Blacks rugby game. There will be exhibitors’ tables in the foyer, a delicious four-course menu and four celebrity guests to entertain us.

We do hope that many of you will come and celebrate with us. Be on the lookout for the invite and programme on our website within the next week. Questions and interest can be directed to [email protected]

Now about the winter issue of Diabetes Focus. We have included many articles to help you through the cold weather: Don’t let the cold win: exercise; Nourish your skin more in winter and three delicious recipes.

There are also really informative articles that I enjoyed reading: Time to understand time in range; Are moods and blood glucose in children related? and Navigating the post-meal rollercoaster.

A topic that women should all be aware is: Vaginal yeast infections: all you need to know and I think many have experienced The ‘Can you eat that’ shame.

Yours in Health
Margot McCumisky
DSA National Manager

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Roasted Spiced Butternut Soup

Who doesn’t love a roasted spiced butternut soup in winter? The added plus is this

Futurelife® diabetes-friendly peanut butter flapjacks

These Futurelife® diabetes-friendly peanut butter flapjacks are ideal for a nourishing snack. If you prefer

Chimichurri Pork Meatballs

These delicious Chimichurri Pork Meatballs are an easy, high-protein midweek hit that will satisfy even

Diabetes Focus is proud to share our latest recipe book that allows you to savour your health one recipe at a time. 

Everyday Goodness Recipe Book


Jo-Anne Campbell – My weight loss transformation

Jo-Anne Campbell shares how a major weight loss transformation has given her new-found confidence, motivation

Seven ways to get the most out of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen staple that has several benefits including health, beauty, household,

Five ways to track your food using the mySugr app

Do you want to know how to make the most out of food tracking using



Don’t let the cold win: exercise

Retha Harmse explores safe outdoor exercise activities to keep you active in the colder months.

Unlocking the hidden healing potential of the human body

Veronica Tift enlightens us on the hidden healing potential of the human body and how


Are moods and blood glucose in children related?

Daniel Sher explores the mechanisms behind the relationship of moods and blood glucose and offers

Learning about glucagon

Estée van Lingen tells you everything that you need to know about glucagon, the hormone

The ‘Can you eat that’ shame

Monique Marais addresses the shame that people with diabetes can experience when loved ones question

The role of the podiatrist

Lynette Lacock, an occupational health sister, highlights the role of the podiatrist in the healthcare

The tell-tale signs of the skin

Dr Rakesh Newaj shares the tell-tale signs of the skin that can be indicative of

What is diabetic amyotrophy?

Christine Manga, a diabetes nurse educator, clarifies what diabetic amyotrophy is and the necessary information


Navigating the post-meal rollercoaster

Dr Paula Diab shares valuable tips for keeping blood glucose spikes in-check to avoid the

Nourish your skin more in winter

Kate Bristow, a diabetes nurse educator, shares easy and practical tips to nourish and care

Time to understand time in range

Dr Angela Murphy expands on time in range and why it may become the most

Vaginal yeast infections: all you need to know

Gynaecologist, Sumayya Ebrahim, educates us on vaginal candidiasis, also known as vaginal yeast infections, and

Our series of Diabetes Focus AtoZ booklets offers resources, support and education to the challenges that people with diabetes live with daily. 

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